Dr. Julie Huynh Memorial Scholarship


The Dr. Julie Huynh Memorial Scholarship has been established by the Molecular and Cellular Biology department in the College of science to honor the memory of this exemplary student and colleague. Julie was a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral student in Molecular and Cellular Biology from 2010-2022. She was a tireless and inspirational contributor to nearly every aspect of MCB’s mission over these years, including research, teaching, advocacy, and outreach. The brilliance, energy, and joy she brought to these activities enriched all who worked with her and helped people to connect to each other. Julie was a passionate advocate for doing remarkable science and she was equally insistent that scientists must communicate clearly about their work to the patients and public they serve. She lived this example by writing accessible and eloquent research summaries for the public and cancer patients and sharing her creativity and experiences in essays, photographs, and poems. Julie was known for giving gifts to show appreciation and care and would be proud to know that a scholarship in her name is paving the way for other students to find their unique science voices.

Read through some of Julie's work:

Scholarship Amount:  $1000
Offered once in the fall and once in the spring

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology Master’s student
  • First Generation student (preferred)
  • Must demonstrate financial need (been offered need-based financial aid)
  • In good academic standing (3.0 GPA or higher)

Application Process:

  • Scholarship Universe Application
  • A personal statement explaining why this scholarship is important to you which includes an original piece of artistic media pertaining to biology.  This can be in the form of a drawing, photograph, poem, and/or any form of artistic expression that shows your passion for science. 
  • Unofficial transcript
  • One letter of recommendation from your research advisor

Scholarship will be open for application in Fall 2022


If you would like to make a donation to this scholarship fund in memory of Julie, please take the following steps: