The BIOTECH Project

The BIOTECH Project is an outreach and educational initiative within the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. This long-running outreach program provides technical support to Arizona middle school and high school teachers to conduct molecular genetics experiments (DNA science) with their students through three main elements for Classroom Support and Professional Development:

  • Classroom visits conducting Biotechnology and Molecular Biology activities in middle school and high school classrooms
  • Equipment and material support for teachers to conduct activities independently in middle and high school classrooms
  • Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

For additional information, or to request materials and equipment for your classroom, please visit the BIOTECH Project Website or contact:

Dr. Daryn Stover
BIOTECH Project Director
(520) 626-4664

Students participating in the BIOTECH Project are eligible to enroll in MCB101 and MCB102 for college credit.