MCB Cool Journal Club

Dear Colleagues---Students and Faculty

  Ted is organizing the journal club in an altered format.

  Good/Great papers are hard to find…you know of some!

  Great topics are hard to find…you know of some!

The idea is that students would go to this MCB Cool Journal Club site and scan amongst the cool ideas/papers for their journal clubs. They can choose other topics/papers… and they would have to convince themselves and Ted of its coolness.

Please upload here..


  1. Cool ideas for Journal Clubs

  examples: Z DNA. Telomeres. ATP as a solvent. Microtubules and dynamic instability,   RNA splicing and a cure for SPA; A Meiotic Checkpoint detects unpaired chromosomes? : STEM cell drama; alpha fold revealed; uracil on a space rock?; Etc.

  2. Just drag into the Sharepoint file a Word document with your ideas, and/or drag in a pdf of a cool paper. 

Journal Club is held on Thursdays from 11 to 12, in BSW208 (as far as Ted knows- May 23, 2023