Science City - Tucson Festival of Books

MCB participates annually in Science City at the Tucson Festival of Books. Our 2018 booth in the "Science of You" tent featured a hands-on activity where visitors could extract DNA from their own cheek cells and take home a necklace containing their DNA. We also presented some of the work of MCB faculty member Dr. Frans Tax, who studies plant growth and development. Our team of volunteers had a great time sharing our love of molecular and cellular biology with the southern Arizona community. Here are a few of our favorite moments from the weekend. 

Science City 2020!

Explore the invisible world that is too small to see with the naked eye! Peer through microscopes at fruit flies with ALS and mutant plants as well as fungus and bacteria. Learn from Molecular and Cellular Biology students how they use microscopes in their research to understand aging, origins of life and disease.

MCB will be in the Science Of You Tent in the Science City area of Tucson Festival of Books. 

We hope you'll stop by to see us March 14 or 15th, 2020!

Click here for more information about Science City.