Incoming MCB Postdoc Dr. Amanda Garcia Receives Highly Selective NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astrobiology

Jul 3, 2018

  Like many of us, Dr.  Amanda Garcia’s college and career path started down one path and ended up at a very different destination than she had mapped out. Garcia grew up in Los...

Congratulations Emma Harrell, winner of the Newell and Beth Younggren Scholarship in Biological Sciences

Jun 22, 2018

Emma’s interest in science was sparked when she was assigned a research project on Rachel Carson in the eighth grade. Emma was intrigued by the work Rachael Carson did and was the impetus for...

Eli Soyfer: Recipient of the 2018 Danny Brower Memorial Scholarship

May 15, 2018

Tucson native Eli Soyfer has known about Dr. Danny Brower for a while. When Brower, former MCB Department Head, died unexpectedly in 2007, there was a story in the paper, Soyfer recalls. “I...