Randomized Crossover Trial Evaluating Detoxification of Tobacco Carcinogens by Broccoli Seed and Sprout Extract in Current Smokers

Sep 8, 2022

Bauman, J.E., Hsu, C.H., Centuori, S., Guillen-Rodriguez, J., Garland, L.L., Ho, E., Padi, M., Bageerathan, V., Bengtson, L., Wojtowicz, M. and Szabo, E. Cancers. Dr. Padi and colleagues...

Pretransition state and apo structures of the filament-forming enzyme SgrAI elucidate mechanisms of activation and substrate specificity.

Sep 8, 2022

Shan, Z., Ghadirian, N., Lyumkis, D., & Horton, N. C.  Journal of Biological Chemistry. The Horton lab, in collaboration with the laboratory of Dmitry Lyumkis at The Salk Institute for...

The genomic origins of the world’s first farmers

Aug 28, 2022

Marchi, N., Winkelbach, L., Schulz, I., Brami, M., Hofmanova, Z., Blocher, J., Reyna-Blanco, C.S., Diekmann, Y., Thiery, A., Kapopoulou, A., Link, V., Piuz, V., Kreutzer, S., Figarska, S. M.,...

4-bit adhesion logic enables universal multicellular interface patterning

Aug 28, 2022

Kim, H., Skinner, D. J., Glass, D. S., Hamby, A. E., Stuart, B. A., Dunkel, J., & Riedel-Kruse, I. H. Nature. Dr. Riedel-Kruse with Honesty Kim (former UA postdoctoral fellow) and...