MCB 101 and 102: Courses for High School students

Today's High School Students are the Scientists of Tomorrow

MCB 101 and 102 are courses designed to introduce high school students to biotechnology and the University of Arizona, College of Science. Students at high schools participating in the BIOTECH Project have the opportunity to sign up for MCB 101 and 102, for three college credits each, at the University of Arizona at significantly reduced tuition rates.

Topics and Techniques in MCB 101/MCB 102

MCB 101 emphasizes biotechnology, including careers in biotechnology, history and applications of recombinant DNA technology and the human genome project, and laboratory safety practices. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques used in biotechnology and molecular biology using the equipment necessary in a research or industrial setting. MCB 102 allows students to perfect biotechnology techniques and be exposed to cutting edge research at the University of Arizona. It includes advanced biotechnological techniques, fundamentals of cell biology and genetics, applications of biotechnology, bioethics, and careers in biotechnology. This course offers a unique opportunity to motivated high school students who possess a strong interest in pursuing advanced education in bioscience and biomedical science. Through laboratory activities and field-based research, students will conduct independent research in an active laboratory, and learn to communicate.

In MCB 101 and 102, students are expected to develop skills in Pipetting, Solution Preparation, Serial Dilutions, Standard Curve, Spectrophotometry, Bacterial Transformation, DNA and Protein Gel Electrophoresis, Sterile Technique, Microbiology, PCR, BLAST, DNA Sequence Alignment, Protein Purification, Western Blot, ELISA and Enzyme Activity. In addition students will learn to read research papers and communicate their own research, conduct original scientific research, and present their research at the Southern Arizona Research Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) Fair.     

How To Enroll

Students from participating high schools may enroll as University of Arizona, non-degree seeking students. MCB 101 and 102 are concurrent high school courses and therefore high school credit will be granted as well. Online applications will be submitted to UArizona Admissions during the students' classes beginning in October. Enrollment in the class takes place in January. All students must request enrollment in order to enroll in either MCB 101 or MCB 102. Students’ teachers will provide them with information on how to request enrollment. Please note that tuition billed for MCB 101 and 102 has been reduced by 80% of the normal university tuition, $475.75. UArizona Bursar's Office handles all payment of tuition. 

Participating Schools and Teacher Information

MCB 101 and MCB 102 are taught on high school campuses in both Tucson and Phoenix by a certified teacher with extensive experience in laboratory sciences. MCB 101 and 102 teachers are Career and Technology Education (CTE) certified, meet the Higher Learning Commission requirements to teach college level classes, and have received additional training through the UArizona’s BIOTECH Project.

Don't see your school on the list? Contact Daryn Stover Explore other MCB Outreach opportunities on this website. Learn more about the BIOTECH Project.

Tucson Area Schools
Location School Teacher
Marana Mountain View Paul Huppe
Oro Valley Ironwood Ridge Theo Manno
Tucson Catalina Foothills Tiffanie Bialis
Tucson Pueblo Magnet Dr. Erik Lehmkuhl
Tucson Salpointe Dr. Rick Heupel
Tucson Santa Rita Brenda Lundt
Tucson Sunnyside Cindy Bujanda
Tucson Tucson Magnet Jeremy Jonas
Tucson University High Dhurva Bhattacharya
Tucson Flowing Wells Jessica Dietrich
Sahuarita Sahuarita Gavin Lehr
Phoenix Area Schools
Location School Teacher
Chandler Basha Miranda Thornton
Chandler Casteel Jentry Yard
Chandler Arizona College Prep Rachna Nath
Phoenix Paradise Valley Amanda Cherry
Phoenix Paradise Valley Michelle Landreville
Tempe Desert Vista Jeremy Williams
Tempe Marcos de Niza Taylor Miller
Tempe Tempe Amber Struthers

What are the Goals for MCB 101 and 102?

  • Demonstrate the importance of biotechnology in our lives including careers in biotechnology, history and applications of recombinant DNA technology and the effect of the human genome project on our society.
  • Increase high school students’ belief in their ability to pursue a career in science and succeed as a scientist.
  • Expose students to the infinite possibilities within the biological sciences.
  • Offer students an inside look at the UArizona Molecular and Cellular Biology Department and other departments in the College of Science through campus visits, lab tours, and interaction with university faculty.
  • Provide high school students 3 units of UArizona credit at significantly reduced tuition.

What are the Responsibilities of the High Schools?

  • Participating high schools provide a classroom and qualified instructor for MCB 101 and 102.
  • High schools are asked to screen students who satisfy the prerequisites before enrolling in the class.

What are the Responsibilities of the University of Arizona?

  • Facilitate enrollment of participating students into the University of Arizona as a non-degree seeking student.
  • Some course materials and supplies are available for loan through the BIOTECH Project and additional course materials can be developed and supplied by the BIOTECH Project.
  • Develop, coordinate and conduct the summer workshops for teacher training.
  • Coordinate directly with participating high schools with regard to University of Arizona admission.
  • Coordinate MCB and other campus visits.

For Participating High Schools Only

How to Register
Step 1: Complete, in class, the online application for non-degree seeking high school students for the University of Arizona. DO NOT PAY ANY APPLICATION FEES AT THIS TIME!
Step 2: Request Enrollment by completing the google form provided by your teacher.
Step 3: Create your UArizona NetID and email, which allows you access to UArizona library materials, including all ejournal subscriptions.
Step 4: Pay tuition and fees of $475.75 for 3 UArizona credits. You can pay through your student center at UAccess, or directly to UArizona Bursar’s Office.


Dr. Daryn Stover
BIOTECH Project Director
Phone: (520) 626-4664

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