Alumni Success and Outcomes

MCB Alumni

What can you do with a degree in MCB? 

MCB graduates leave with their B.S. in Molecular and Cellular biology and go on achieve amazing things. 

Typically, half of our graduates advance to graduate programs or professional schools while the rest work in in business and industry. 

We have alumni that start their own businesses, do research to find cures for diseases, serve our community as medical practictioners and teach the next generation of scientists.  

Our graduates work for themselves, for companies large and small, for schools and hospitals and the military. 

Here are just a few job titles and companies of our B.S. Graduates:

Research Associate / Assistant Medicine University of Arizona University of Arizona
Medical Scribe Pharmacy Banner Health University of Washington
Crime Scene Specialist Molecular and Cellular Biology GE Healthcare MIT
Data Scientist Cancer Biology Ivy Brain Tumor Center Yale

Here are just a few job titles and companies of our MCB BS Graduates, with advanded degrees:

Physician Public Health American Red Cross University of Arizona
Researcher Epidemiology Banner Health Stanford
Professor Genetics Merck Harvard
Toxicologist Neuroscience E. & J. Gallo Winery Northwestern University


Andy Chang (2005) "I discovered along the way pharmacology was where my mindset was."

MCB faculty and staff frequently have the opportunity to chat with our current students as well as future students and invariably those conversations include questions from students about future career opportunities. Many graduates with an MCB degree pursue an MD, PhD, or PharmD degree and go on to careers as medical professionals, professors, and pharmacists as well as scientists in public and private industries. Many of students want to know what more about careers that are available in industry or in the business sector.

Engineering a Living Organism is Fascinating

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Starting a company? Being an entrepreneur? If your future vocation or avocation are headed in this direction there are two traits you should have - “grit and resilience”, according to Sean McClain, BS MCB, Class of 2011. “It's about seeing your vision and continually working towards your vision every day no matter what is thrown at you. Every day you are fighting for your career and your company.