Systems & Big Data Biology Sub-Plan

Preparing for a career in modern, data-driven biomedical research?

  • Join the exciting biomedical big data revolution with in-demand analytical skills! Pair strong training in molecular and cellular biology with the quantitative skills needed to draw important discoveries from the high-dimensional and complex biomedical data generated by modern technology.
  • Advances in biology and medicine are increasingly powered by analysis of big data.  Researchers sequence a patient’s genome to guide personalized medicine. High throughput experiments generate information that has allowed scientists to move from looking at single genes and proteins to studying entire networks. Researchers can mine Hospital Electronic Health Records (EHR) to find patterns in clinical data. The Systems & Big Data Biology Sub-Plan trains the next generation of biomedical researchers to analyze and interpret these massive amounts of data effectively.
  • Learn about advances in mathematical modeling, statistics and machine learning and their role in healthcare through classes like Key Concepts in Quantitative Biology, Introduction to Systems Biology, and Big Data in Biology & Beyond.  Become method-savvy through coursework that couples foundational training in molecular and cellular biology with the knowledge to effectively analyze data using statistical tools.
  • It is recommended that students couple this sub-plan with a minor in Mathematics or Statistics. To be fully successful in this course of study, students should be calculus-ready prior to entering their freshman year.

2022-2023 Catalog Year