What Our Students Say About MCB

What students are saying about Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)MCB Student

I think my favorite part about the MCB department is how open, welcoming and caring all the professors and faculty I've talked to are especially when you are feeling overwhelmed or there are other things going on and they give you advice, resources and support.” - 2021 Graduate

I loved being an MCB major! Taking Bioethics honors my freshman year was my first introduction to reading research papers in college. I remember as a freshman I could barely understand any of the lab techniques or terms used in the paper, but now as a senior I (usually) can! In that class I was introduced more to Genetic Counseling, which has inspired my future career goals!” - 2021 Graduate

I was so grateful to have been able to gain research experience through one of the MCB labs on campus. Working with the PI and the other staff in this MCB lab has been one of my favorite memories of college!” - 2021 Graduate

My favorite experience in MCB has by far been teaching the 181L (Intro Biology Lab). I have really enjoyed teaching that lab and being a lab instructor for the past 2 and a half years. I got to meet so many wonderful co-workers and so many great students.” (MCB Undergrads often TA / preceptor for 181 and 181L – 2020 Graduate

Being involved in MCB Club the past 4 years has been my favorite experience. Especially this year running as president, I've enjoyed every moment building a community of future scientists and leaders while providing resources and guidance to ensure they have a great experience at UofA.” – 2020 Graduate

What students are saying about MCB courses

The Biology of Cancer course my first semester of freshman year was my favorite course! I am now applying to medical school, I am looking to become an oncologist.” 2021 Graduate

Molly Bolger Group“Working on MCB 422-"Problem Solving with Genetic Tools" approaches to genetic simulations with my friends to figure out how we're possibly going to mate enough yeasts to know the order of those genes. Maybe we still don't know. Maybe the knowledge was in the digital yeast that shmooed along the way.” – 2019 Graduate

“My favorite experience was taking the MCB 304: Molecular Genetics course. I absolutely adored how much passion my professors had during this course and how they brought current events into the classroom.” – 2019 Graduate

“An interesting course that I took here is MCB 404 (Bioethics). This class has really tested my knowledge on what is moral, ethical, or both. Although there have been a lot of disturbing things that I've learned in this class, I still feel very happy in it and there are lots of things about that I enjoy. Also the chat box during class can get very wild and I am living for that!” – 2021 Graduate