Genetics & Human Health Sub-Plan

Preparing for a career in a health profession?

  • For students interested in a health career (e.g. pre-med), biomedical researcher, pharmacist, genetic counselor, or other health professional, the Genetics & Human Health Sub-plan provides you with the foundation for success.
  • Courses and internship opportunities teach the latest concepts and advances in biomedical sciences as well as evidence based and personalized medicine.  Learn how scientists and clinicians use scientific discoveries and experimental models to determine the causes of various human diseases and develop therapies using the latest methodologies.
  • Fulfill the basic requirements for most medical schools and other graduate programs for health professionals with the Genetics & Human Health Sub-plan.
  • Follow your passion with courses like Biology of Cancer, Modeling Human Disease, Problem-Solving with Genetic Tools, and Bioethics.  Prepare for the MCAT with a special course focused on questions in the new exam, Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving in Biomedicine.

    2022-2023 Catalog Year
  • Genetics and Human Health Checksheet 22-23
  • Genetics and Human Health Sample 4 Year Plan 22-23