What Can I Do With a Degree in MCB?

Suvithanandhini Loganathan

What Does a Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology Focus On?

Molecular and Cellular Biology focuses on the study of the primary structures of life, specifically, how biological molecules function at the level of the cell and how their function is controlled through genetics. Our department aims for students to develop a deep understanding of current ideas and problems in molecular and cellular biology. MCB graduates obtain a versatile degree that opens opportunities for careers in many fields.

Students with undergraduate degrees in MCB from UArizona pursue a variety of paths upon graduation

Graduate and/or Professional School - Typically, half of our graduates advance to graduate programs or professional schools while the rest work in in business and industry. Many of our graduates take a gap year immediately after graduation. They use this year to study for, and take, their entrance exams, such as MCAT or GRE, and apply for advanced schooling to gain hands-on experience in their desired fields. Many use their gap year to work as medical scribes, research assistants and laboratory technicians.

Medical School, Dental School, Pharmacy School and Other Health Professions. For our graduates seeking careers in health professions, the MCB major fulfills most medical, pharmacy and dental school prerequisites (check with your desired school’s program to understand their specific requirements). We recommend any pre-health student work closely with their MCB and pre-health advisor to make sure their candidacy is as strong as possible for application. 

Master's Degree and PhD programs - many of our students continue their studies and pursue a masters degree and PhD degrees.

Business and Law – many graduates work in business, public policy, and their own start-up companies! Our graduates gain entry into law and business schools to further their education and gain critical skills for their future goals. 

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries – our graduates work as scientists, regulatory affairs experts, and data scientists within the scientific community. MCB graduates have the benefit of the department’s reputation in the working world and use that to their benefit to actualize change and progress in science and technology.

Technology Experts – Some of our graduates focus their skills and knowledge into a systems biology field as data scientists, program managers, software developers and computational biologist. This is a growing area of importance in the scientific workplace and in MCB we allow students to concentrate on the skills they will need to succeed in it. 

Public Service and Educators – MCB graduates also go on to advocate and educate future leaders and innovators in the biological world. Graduates can enter careers in teaching with additional certifications depending on their desired position or work in additional settings where they can advocate for science. 

36% of MCB Graduates since 2017 go on to pursue further eduction: 

34% pursue their PhD
28% pursue their MD
19% pursue their MS Degree
13% pursue their PharmD
6% pursue DDS, JD, nursing, MD/PhD and MBAs

Our graduates work in interesting and diverse careers, some start their careers with their BS and some enter their careers with a master's or PhD degree. See some examples of companies, careers and schools our BS Graduates head to!