4-bit adhesion logic enables universal multicellular interface patterning

Aug 28, 2022

Kim, H., Skinner, D. J., Glass, D. S., Hamby, A. E., Stuart, B. A., Dunkel, J., & Riedel-Kruse, I. H. Nature. Dr. Riedel-Kruse with Honesty Kim (former UA postdoctoral fellow) and...

High-Resolution Structure of the Nuclease Domain of the Human Parvovirus B19 Main Replication Protein NS1

Aug 12, 2022

Sanchez, J. L., Ghadirian, N., & Horton, N. C.  Journal of Virology. The Horton lab, with lead author BMCB Ph.D. student Jonathan Sanchez, has recently determined the high-...

HARLEY mitigates user bias and facilitates efficient quantification and co-localization analyses of foci in yeast fluorescence images

Aug 12, 2022

Shabanov, I. & Buchan, J. R. Scientific Reports. The Buchan lab published a new paper describing HARLEY, a new open source microscopy analysis software. The paper illustrates how much...

Microbial Response to Increased Temperatures Within a Lava-Induced Hydrothermal System in Iceland: An Analogue for the Habitability of Volcanic Terrains on Mars

Aug 12, 2022

Duhamel, S., Hamilton, C. W., Pálsson, S., & Björnsdóttir, S. H. Astrobiology. Dr. Duhamel and colleagues published on their investigation of microbial communities in a lava-water system...