Vip Sitaraman, MCB graduate at 18, became the youngest to raise venture capital funding in the U.S.

May 21, 2016

Vip Sitaraman, MCB graduate at the age of 18, shelved his plans for medical school when his entrepreneurial side couldn't be contained any longer, and his most recent endeavor has made him the...

MCB graduate David Maestas featured in UANews

May 21, 2016

May graduate David Maestas had a difficult time imagining himself as a graduate student, but that was before joining the UA's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium, which Maria Teresa Velez...

MCB Nominee Dr. Libor Grubhoffer to be Awarded Honorary Degree

Apr 26, 2016

 A parasitologist and biochemist, Libor Grubhoffer has an international reputation of excellence in his fields and extensive history of collaboration and partnership with the University of Arizona (...

Billy Joe Varney Winner Hope Dang Surprised During Lab Meeting

Apr 21, 2016

Hope Dang, an Assistant Staff Scientist in the Fares lab at MCB, was honored with the Billy Joe Varney Award for Excellence that recognizes outstanding performance by dedicated and committed...