Kotaro Fujimaki: MCB 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Scholarship

Apr 30, 2018

With five published papers, exceptional wet lab and computational skills, and impressive creativity in experimental design, Kotaro Fujimaki is the 2018 MCB Outstanding Graduate Student in Scholarship...

Nicolette Brown: MCB 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Service

Apr 30, 2018

Before there was a #MeToo movement and a renewed focus on workplace harassment and discrimination, there was Nicolette Brown, combining her love of research with a passion for creating inclusive work...

Johan Martinez-Fuentes: MCB 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Teaching

Apr 30, 2018

MCB’s Outstanding Graduate Student in Teaching for 2018, Johan Martinez-Fuentes, is inspiring students to have a “dendrite moment.” “In middle school, my science teacher used to call it a ‘...

Dr. Tax: UA Designation as Hispanic Serving Institution Will Benefit All Students

Apr 30, 2018

Dr. Frans Tax, MCB Professor, Faculty Director of Diversity and Inclusion of the Graduate College, and Distinguished Outreach Professor shares his perspective on the University of Arizona's...