Big Science, Small Package: Dr. Daniela Zarnescu’s fruit flies tackle ALS, Neurodegenerative Disease, and Aging

Oct 10, 2017

We share 75 percent of the genes that cause disease in human beings with the humble Drosophila fruit fly.  Dr. Daniela Zarnescu and her lab exploit this remarkable fact to more quickly find...

St. Baldrick’s Grant Boosts Dr. McEvoy’s Fight against Rhabdomyosarcoma

Oct 5, 2017

Sometimes, it may not be in our genes—at least not entirely.  MCB Assistant Professor Justina McEvoy is focused on learning why children with few gene mutations suffer from rhabdomyosarcoma, a...

Congratulations to MCB Senior Awardees Renee Conway and Benjamin Zaepfel!

Apr 27, 2017

May 2017 MCB Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awardee: Renee Conway With the end of the semester fast approaching, MCB undergraduate Renee Conway has a lot going on in the final weeks leading...

Matthew Knatz, Winner of 2017 College of Science Award of Excellence, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology!

Apr 24, 2017

Matthew Knatz, Manager of Information Technology, was awarded the 2017 College of Science Award of Excellence for the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) at the Annual College of...