MCB Club

The MCB Club is now meeting virtually! 

The MCB Club Meets Virtually during the pandemic

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Club is a student-run organization that serves as the official club for the Molecular and Cellular Biology major. The MCB Club aims to promote student engagement and facilitates interactions of students and the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department and Faculty. The club provides academic and professional opportunities and promotes a sense of community within the major. It meets at least once a month and generally alternates between academic and social activities. You can connect with the MCB Club through its Facebook page.

The MCB Club is a place where students can come together, talk about science-related topics, and have fun! The MCB club is a safe place for students from all majors to share in their love of Molecular and Cellular Biology. The MCB club has adjusted due to current circumstances, and we now meet virtually on Zoom Wednesdays at 6pm. For more information about that week's topic, zoom link, or any other questions, feel free to contact Alyssa Peterson at

If you would like to be involved in the club look out for emails about upcoming events. Email with questions or for more information about events. 

2020-21 Officers:

President: Alyssa Peterson

VP: Caitlin Ang

Secretary: Katelin Rugg

Events Coordinator: Anthony Chen

Undergraduate Engagement Liaison: Junnis Hugger