Intro Biology I and Laboratory Information

MCB 181R – Introductory Biology I

Prerequisites: Students must complete MATH 112 – College Algebra or test into a higher math course, before being eligible to take MCB 181R and MCB 181L. Recommended: CHEM 151 – General Chemistry I.

Course Description: Introduction to Biology covers fundamental principles in molecular and cellular biology and basic genetics. Emphasis is placed on biological function at the molecular level, with a focus on the structure and regulation of genes, the structure and synthesis of proteins, how these molecules are integrated into cells, and how these cells are integrated into multicellular systems. Examples stem from current research in bacteria, plants, and animals (including humans) in the areas of cell biology, genetics, molecular medicine and immunology. The first course in a two semester course sequence for science majors. Available for Honors credit.

MCB 181L – Introductory Biology Laboratory I

Prerequisites: Concurrent registration or completion of MCB 181R is required in order to enroll. You do not have to take MCB 181R and MCB 181L at the same time, although it is recommended.

Course Description: Laboratory exercises presenting techniques and fundamental principles of modern biology. Designed to complement the information concurrently presented in MCB 181R.

For assistance in registering for MCB 181L, please contact the Introductory Biology Coodinator at