Susan Hester

Assistant Professor of Practice

I am a firm believer in engaging students—at all levels and on all life and career paths—in science practices and “ways of knowing.” Experiences such as synthesizing background reading, designing and carrying out experiments, proposing one’s own explanations for phenomena, and interpreting data is empowering for students and can build their sense of connection with science and the scientific community. My focus at the University of Arizona has been on Molecular and Cellular Biology curriculum design, primarily at the introductory level. In both laboratory and lecture courses, I have sought to find ways of giving students first-hand experiences with the practices of science. In support of this goal, I have also been involved in preparing students as Teaching Assistants and Learning Assistants to facilitate others’ learning in these types of courses. As a curriculum design researcher, my curriculum design and instruction are guided by and connected with ongoing collaborative investigations of teaching, learning, and student experiences in different instructional contexts.