Solange Duhamel

Associate Professor, MCB

The Duhamel Lab for marine microbiology & biogeochemistry specializes in the abundance, diversity & activity of aquatic microbes in the ocean, as well as in lakes, rivers, & wetland ecosystems.

Specifically, we study the role of microorganisms as agents of biogeochemical transformations, and how microbes adapt to different environments. In particular, we are interested in the effects of climate and nutrient availability on the distribution, growth and productivity of microplankton but also in the potential of life to adapt to extreme environments and the implications for life elsewhere.


Dr. Solange Duhamel's full publication list can be found here:




Duhamel, S., C. Ward Hamilton, S. Pálsson, and S. Huld Björnsdóttir, "Microbial Response to Increased Temperatures Within a Lava-Induced Hydrothermal System in Iceland: An Analogue for the Habitability of Volcanic Terrains on Mars.", Astrobiology, vol. 22, issue 10, pp. 1176-1198, 2022 Oct. PMID: 35920884


Bock, N. A., S. Charvet, J. Burns, Y. Gyaltshen, A. Rozenberg, S. Duhamel, and E. Kim, "Experimental identification and in silico prediction of bacterivory in green algae.", ISME J, 2021 Mar 02. PMID: 33649548


Burns, J. A., R. Kerney, and S. Duhamel, "Heterotrophic Carbon Fixation in a Salamander-Alga Symbiosis.", Front Microbiol, vol. 11, pp. 1815, 2020. PMCID: PMC7417444 PMID: 32849422