Sara Honey

MCB PhD Student

MCB Program Start Date:    2017

Undergraduate Degree:    University of Arizona, BS in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and Molecular and Cellular Biology

LinkedIn account:

Twitter account:    @saxonhoney

Research Advisor and Department:    Frans Tax, MCB

Your research area or topic of research:    I'm studying the role of two plasma membrane ATPases in modulating dynamic root growth as a function of varying nutrient availability in Arabidopsis.

What do you like to do outside of the lab?    In my free time, I enjoy gardening, getting outside, and making things. I have two dogs, a cat, and many many plants.

What outreach or service activities are you involved in?    I enjoy mentoring aspiring scientists both in the lab and the classroom setting. In the past, I've volunteered for Pride in the Desert, Many Mouths One Stomach, and served as a judge for youth STEM competitions.

What honors or awards have you received?
   Wildcat Excellence Award for outstanding academic achievement
   Leader in Classroom Diversity and Inclusion





Oh, M-H., S. H. Honey, and F. E. Tax, "The Control of Cell Expansion, Cell Division, and Vascular Development by Brassinosteroids: A Historical Perspective.", Int J Mol Sci, vol. 21, issue 5, 2020 Mar 04. PMCID: PMC7084555 PMID: 32143305