Rhiannon Olivarez-Kidwell

MCB Ambassador

Anticipated Graduation Date:  June 2023

Other Education, school, degree and grad year: Merced High class of 2019

Your IG account: @Rhiiaannon_

Research PI and Department: Dr. NC Horton, MCB Department

Your research topic:

The Horton Lab is studying human parvovirus B19 and the mechanisms of its NS1 protein that enable it to interfere with host cell DNA/RNA. We are interested in the impact that this protein can have on the pathogenesis of various autoimmune diseases.

What made you want to be an MCB ambassador?

I wanted to be an MCB Ambassador from the moment I found out you could be an MCB Ambassador. What could be better than getting to hang out with Kara, Michele, and Justin while getting to share how awesome MCB is with other people? It’s great! In addition to that, however, I wanted to become an MCB Ambassador specifically because of important MCB is to me. It’s a fascinating major, but the department is so much more than just a department — it’s really like a family. MCB is one of the most tight-knit and supportive groups on the UArizona campus, in my opinion, and I wanted to give back to a community that helped shape me into the person I am today.

Why is MCB Awesome?

MCB is awesome because of the people, because of the science, and because of the people’s love for the science. Where else could you find a group of people ready to debate the merits of the best cellular organelle….with evidence