Nick Bielski

MCB PhD Student

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Research Advisor and Department
Dr. Mark Beilstein | Plant Sciences

Research Topic
My research focus is to explore the diversification and evolution of a signaling complex within land plants. The signaling complex I work with comprises three gene families and is embedded in the cell membrane. Differential expression of the multiple copies of each family member leads to varied responses throughout the plant including root growth, immunity, pollen tube growth and fertilization, and stress response. Exploration of this system may lead to insights regarding how gene duplicates were co-opted to yield an array of diverse functions.

What do you like to do outside of the lab? 
 Outside of the lab I like to go hiking, camping, read, spend time with friends, and watch movies.

What honors or awards have you received?
 MCB Training Grant Appointee 2021-2022
 Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program 2021
 University Fellowship, University of Arizona 2019-2020
 Outstanding Graduate, University of Wisconsin-Parkside 2019
 Barry Goldwater Scholarship 2018-2019
 Thomson Research Fellowship 2016-2017