Lisa Rezende

Associate Professor of Practice

I am interested in increasing public understanding of science through education, outreach, and communication. My education interests focus on new course development and curriculum design for both in-person and online classes, with a focus on courses for introductory students and science teachers.  I coordinate the MCB STEM Outreach and Recruitment Team (SORT), which helps students learn the basics of STEM outreach while earning credit for volunteering in the community.  SORT students are given the tools they need to volunteer at local science fairs, K-12 school events, university events such as the Tucson Festival of Books Science City, and events within the MCB department.  In all of my education and outreach activities, I emphasize the importance of scientific communication and media awareness.  From 2014-2017, I worked on the development and implementation CDC-funded XRAYS program, which helps patients understand new breast cancer research presented in the media.  My work with XRAYS and other science communication efforts has underscored for me the need to train the next generation of scientists to communicate their work in a manner that is not only clear and understandable but also puts current research into the proper context.  I am currently developing a science communication course for undergraduates who wish to improve their communication skills or pursue careers that require communicating complex scientific topics to the public.

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