Application Process

Applications for the MCB Accelerated Master's Program are accepted on a twice yearly basis. Admitted students begin the program the semester following admission. Applications are completed through the UA Graduate College.

Applications for Fall 2021 are due by 11:59PM on April 19, 2021

To apply, students must complete the University of Arizona Graduate College Application. For the program of study, select "Molecular and Cellular Biology MS." A special code is required in order to start the application. Please schedule an appointment with Kara to go over program requirements and to receive the code. If you have any questions, please schedule an appointment with Kara.    

As part of the application process, students will be asked to submit a personal statement. The personal statement should be no longer than two pages with standard formatting (e.g. 12 point Times font, single spaced, one-inch margins) and should include the student's reason for applying to the MCB AMP program, a summary of research already completed and future plans.

Two letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with the applicant's work are also required. One of these letters should be from the research advisor. The letters are to be submitted online through the Graduate College; instructions are provided on the online Graduate College application.

Students will be notified regarding admission to MCB-AMP prior to the start of the following semester, upon review of the application materials by the MCB Department Committee.