Nina Koyilla

AMP Student

Anticipated Graduation Date:    May 2023

Other degrees:    University of Arizona, B.S., May 2022

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Research Advisor and Department:    Dr. Lisa Nagy, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research area:    I will be focused on studying the mechanisms of segmental development for the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum. Specifically, finding the enhancer or enhancers that regulate the expression of the even-skipped gene (eve gene). The eve gene is one of three genes that are part of a molecular oscillator model, which is how the segmental development of Tribolium has been proposed to grow. Eve is a pair-rule gene that is expressed in seven stripes that go on to form particular segments of the beetle and each stripe of expression is thought to be controlled by one or more enhancers.

What do you like to do outside of the lab?    I love going to hot yoga every Sunday because it is so relaxing and stress-relieving. I really want to get into roller skating. Watching crime and medical shows, such as Law and Order SVU, is one of my favorite past times.

Honors and awards:    Deans list every semester since I started college.

Favorite quote or guiding principle:    Don't forget to enjoy the little moments.

Why did you choose to enter the MCB AMP Program?    Science has always been an interest of mine, so in order to continue my progress and ensure that all the work I have put in is not wasted, I chose to pursue my Master’s. The whole concept of pursuing higher education is rooted in the goal of growing your knowledge in a particular field for the people. With that being said, this program will provide me with a lot of useful skills for my future career, such as being able to strike a good balance between individual work and teamwork.