MCB COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

 COVID-19 Vaccine PSA By Isabella Constantine   COVID-19 Vaccine PSA Spanish By Isabella Constantine

Recently, Dr. Joyce Schroeder, MCB Department Head, put out a call to the MCB department, including faculty, staff and students, to create a COVID-19 Vaccine PSA. We had several submissions and a review comittee selected the winning PSA. 

Download the English version the PSA and share!

Download the Spanish version the PSA and share!

Please credit Isabella Constantine, MCB Junior.Isabella Constantine

The winning PSA was created by Isabella Constantine! Isabella Constantine is a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona. Isabella shared why she created this PSA "Being a MCB student amidst the pandemic has made me a vital resource to my family and friends by educating them about the vaccine and proper safety measures. This PSA is an extension of my desire to dispel hesitancy toward the vaccine and increase scientific communication in a community that has been devastated by COVID-19." 

As an mRNA vaccine, Dr. Schroeders knows we in MCB are well-qualified to understand its mechanism of action and be able to explain the vaccine in terms someone outside our field will understand.  We know there is some significant worry among some of our friends and neighbors about this vaccine and we in MCB wanted to help people understand why it is safe.

Download the PSA and share! Please credit Isabella Constantine, MCB Junior.


Publish Date: 
Feb 11, 2021