Welcome Dr. Nancy Horton to the MCB Department!


Professor Horton has been a Biochemistry faculty at the University of Arizona for 17 years, and joined MCB in the summer of 2018. Her laboratory is interested in the structures and mechanisms of proteins that act upon DNA and RNA, and their consequences to human health. Currently, the Horton lab is investigating proteins from the human pathogen, Human Parvovirus B19, and as well as enzymes which modulate their activity using an unusual mechanism involving filament formation. The methods employed in these studies include structural techniques such as x-ray crystallography, NMR and cryo-electron microscopy, and functional investigations using biochemical and high-throughput methodologies.

In her free time, Professor Horton enjoys playing cello and kick boxing (although not at the same time)!


Michele Vaughan
Publish Date: 
Sep 4, 2018