Congratulations Emma Harrell, winner of the Newell and Beth Younggren Scholarship in Biological Sciences

Emma’s interest in science was sparked when she was assigned a research project on Rachel Carson in the eighth grade. Emma was intrigued by the work Rachael Carson did and was the impetus for Emma taking chemistry and biology classes in high school.

Her love of science continued to grow in high school, so much so that when she chose the U of A, she started off as a biochemistry major. When she began college, she thought her career path would lead her to becoming a doctor. She took her first MCB class as a sophomore and she found she loved MCB as much as she loved biochemistry. She was intrigued with cells, cells biology and how cells work together as a system (or don’t work together!) and added MCB as a second area of study. Emma will be a senior this fall with a dual major in MCB and biochemistry.

Her favorite class so far has been her second semester organic chemistry class. Both the material and her professor were interesting. She likes making compounds and seeing how chemicals react to each other.

One of the life lessons Emma learned during her first two years of college is that it’s okay to change your mind! After taking some of her courses and being a UBRP (Undergraduate Biology Research Program) participant last summer and this summer, Emma learned she loves research. She has always loved puzzles and solving problems and pairing that with working in the labs through the UBRP program she’s realized that research is her passion. She has decided not to pursue medical school, and will pursue her love of research. She plans to get her master’s degree and then join the Peace Corps and take some time to discover what area of research she wants to pursue. She plans to pursue her PhD once she finishes in the Peace Corps. She realizes now that more experience and information may cause her to change her mind, and that it’s okay to change your mind and pursue new interests and paths.

The Newell A. Younggren Scholarship Endowment in Biological Sciences in the College of Science was made possible through a generous gift from Drs. Jeffrey N. Younggren and Garnett S. Stokes. This scholarship was established in memory of Jeff's father who chaired the UA Department of Biological Sciences and was Professor Emeritus of the UA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and who passed away on November 27, 2010. Dr. Younggren was known as a remarkable teacher and mentor, and he received many awards for his contributions to community service and teaching.

This scholarship was established to support full-time undergraduate students in the College of Science who possess interest and aptitude in biological sciences but who have limited financial resources to attend the University of Arizona. 

Emma is grateful for the scholarship and wanted to thank the family for their contribution to making this scholarship possible and for continuing to encourage students to pursue careers in science.

Congratulations again Emma, on the scholarship and we look forward to hearing about your pursuits!

Michele Vaughan
Publish Date: 
Jun 22, 2018