Nichole Eshleman, BS, Biology, 2013, University of Mansfield Pennsylvania

MCB Program Start:



Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2013, University of Mansfield Pennsylvania 

Research Advisor and Department:                                     

Dr. Ross Buchan, MCB

Lab Rotations:

Dr. Andrew Capaldi

Dr. Charest Pascal

Dr. Jeff Laney

Dr. Ross Buchan

Research Topic:                                                                            

To survive, all cells must respond to growth and nutrient signals from the environment and then adapt their growth rates accordingly.  In many diseases, such as cancer and neurodegeneration, this regulation becomes lost and the cell is unable to regulate its growth rate.  Everything within the cell, from DNA to RNA to protein, must be regulated appropriately to allow for the correct response.  Therefore, I am interested in how different signaling pathways might affect these changes within the cell during a stress response.  Overall this project will determine the mechanism by which different signaling pathways interact with other molecules in the cell (ie RNA), an understanding of which may ultimately have therapeutic applications.  

Honors and Awards:

2015 Sammy's Award, 2nd place in oral presentation, the 30th Japan Neurosurgery English Forum
2018 MCB 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Scholarship, MCB Department, University of Arizona

Outreach Activites:

Experimental and Techniques Discussion Group Co-Leader.  Spring 2018-present
UBRP Small Group Co-Leader. Summer 2018
Organized an Unconscious Bias Workshop for students in the College of Science. Spring 2018
BMCB representative at the Tucson Festival of Books Science City tent. March 2018.
BMCB Student Social Events Coordinator. 2017/2018
Organized Financial Workshop for students in the College of Science. Spring 2017
Arizona RNA Club Symposium Organizer. Spring 2017
Arizona RNA Club Organizer.  2017-2018
Molecular and Cellular Biology Departmental Retreat Committee.  2016 & 2017
Volunteer for the College of Science Awards Ceremony. 2016 -2018
Haury Outreach Scholar, Bioshphere 2 Summer Science Academy. 2016
BMCB booth for Vision to Your Future.  Fall 2015. 
Volunteer at Pusch Ridge High School. Fall 2015.   
Joint Departmental Retreat Committee.  2014


CSW Mini-Grant Awardee. 2018
Galileo Circle Scholar. University of Arizona, 2017 & 2018
BMCB College of Science Service Award. University of Arizona, 2017
NIH Training Grant T32GM008659.  2015-2017


Stress granules and ALS: A case of causation or correlation? Fernandes, N., Eshleman, N., and Buchan JR. Advances in Neurobiology. (2018)
Defects in THO/TREX-2 function cause accumulation of novel cytoplasmic mRNP granules that can be cleared by autophagy. Eshleman, N., Lou G., McGrath, K., Parker, R. & Buchan JR.  RNA. (2016)
Protein phosphatase PPM1G regulates protein translation and cell growth by dephosphorylating 4E binding protein 1 (4E-BP1) Liu, J., Stevens, P. D., Eshleman, N. L. & Gao. J. Biol. Chem. 288, 23225-23233 (2013)