Lucas Harrell, BS, MCB, University of Arizona

MCB PhD Student

MCB Program Start:



BS Molecular and Cellular Biology with minor in Biochemistry, University of Arizona, 2017

Research Advisor and Department:                                     

Dr. Ross Buchan, MCB

Research Topic:                                                                            

The focus of my project is figuring out what stress granules do. As much as we know that stress granules play a large role in the translational repression of mRNAs in response to cellular stress, it is becoming increasingly evident that they play roles in many other cellular processes as well (such as metabolism, tRNA charging, and signal transduction). The first process that I am focusing on is the cell cycle, and my lab's preliminary data suggests that an inability to form stress granules has profound effects on how yeast progress through the cell cycle.    

Honors and Awards:

Many scholarships and awards as an undergrad at U of A, including:
Galileo Circle Scholarship (2016-2017)
Walter Winterhoff Scholarship (2016-2017)
2017 BECUR Award
Dean's List or above from 2015-2017

Hobbies and Interests:

In my spare time, I like to find good books to read, ride and fix my bike, and go explore Tucson's hiking trails. I also enjoy finding good places to go get pizza and beer with friends. I am also (likely) MCB's best source of information about Marvel comics :)

Need your bike fixed? If anyone needs help fixing a bike, let me know! I enjoy working on bikes, and often what you need fixed isn't super-complicated and won't require a (possibly expensive) trip to a bike shop. I'm happy to take a look at your bike and see what I can do :)

Favorite Quote:

"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."
-J.R.R. Tolkien





Ahmed, N. S., L. M. Harrell, D. R. Wieland, M. A. Lay, V. F. Thompson, and J. C. Schwartz, "Fusion protein EWS-FLI1 is incorporated into a protein granule in cells.", RNA, 2021 May 25. PMID: 34035145