Love Foster-Malave

MCB Ambassador

Anticipated graduation date: May 2023


MARC Program:

Instagram Account: @lovee.trinn

Research PI:  Dr. Miranti, UA Cancer Center

Research Topic: As the second leading cause of cancer death in American men and a majority of patients developing mCRPC following treatment with ADT, there is a severe need for alternative Prostate Cancer treatments. My research focuses on the involvement of integrin proteins in mCPRC. More specifically, their relationship to drug resistance in mCRPC and the downstream mechanisms of AR that are responsible for prostate cancer cell survival. 

Why Are you an MCB Ambassador? Becoming an MCB ambassador was especially important to me because of my experiences as a transfer student. I hope to use my position to relate with incoming transfer students who may seek guidance and a community to be apart of. The MCB department is incredible in it's ability to address students individualized needs while still creating a community-oriented program. My goal is to be apart of this great team to support students as I had been upon transfer. 

What makes MCB great? MCB offers an incredible integration between classwork and benchwork. I have had the opportunity to engage with my professors as a future scientist rather than as a student. Being able to apply the knowledge that I have learned to translational research has been an eye-opening experience that continues to shape my career goals. The MCB department has emphasized the importance of community and has become a space where I can explore my interests with an overwhelming amount of support.

What are your hobbies and interests? Outside of the lab, I enjoy exploring the hiking trails of Tucson, going to the gym, and rollerskating around Old Main.
I plan to apply to MD/PhD programs with the intent of using my research and clinical experience to make healthcare more accessible for underrepresented and marginalized populations.

What outreach or service projects are you involved in?    The MCB department does a great job at highlighting opportunities to get involved with the campus and our community. Through my interactions with individuals from the MCB department, I have joined several programs on campus that have heightened my experience at the University of Arizona. As a Pre-Health Ambassador with the A Center and an ambassador with the AZ-HOPE program, I have had the opportunity to guide and connect with individuals on campus with similar interests. I am also involved in the ASEMS S-STEMS and MARC programs.