Lexie Cooper, BS, Soil, Water and Environmental Science, University of Arizona

MCB PhD Student

MCB Program Start:



BS, Soil, Water and Environmental Science, 2015, University of Arizona

Masters Degree:

MS, Biology Concentration Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

Research Advisor and Department:                                     

Dr. Molly Bolger, MCB

Research Topic:                                                                            

My research is in science education, specifically I am interested in exploring the instructor's role when interacting with students during a model-based inquiry lab.


Cooper, A.C., Desjardin, D.E., Perry, B.A. (2018) The genus Mycena (Basidiomycota, Agaricales, Mycenaceae) and allied genera from Republic of São Tomé, West Africa. Phytotaxa 383 (1): 001-047.