Lauren Chopra

MCB Ambassador

Anticipated graduation date: May 2023

Other Education: Minor in Biochemistry and minor in Physiology

Research PI: Dr. Ravi Palanivelu, School of Plant Sciences

Research Topic:  Our lab is interested in overcoming hybridization barriers in plant reproduction in Brassicaceae. In a time of climate change, this can be used to improve agricultural yield and feed a growing population. 

Why Are you an MCB Ambassador?   I decided to become an MCB ambassador because when I first joined the major, everyone I interacted with was so welcoming and friendly, and I hope to continue to exemplify this energy. I would like to positively impact students who might be considering or are unsure of choosing MCB as their major. Through sharing my experiences, I hope to show students that being part of MCB can empower them to carve their paths and discover their passions.

What makes MCB great?   I initially came into college as a General Biology major but after taking MCB181, I fell in love with it and decided to change my major. To put it simply, I love talking about cells and how cool they are! I was amazed at the sense of community within the MCB department as well as the opportunities and resources available to students.

What are your hobbies and interests?   In my free time, I enjoy exploring Tucson through hiking and trying new restaurants/ coffee shops. I also like to bake, travel and spend time outdoors.