Kotaro Fujimaki, BS Developmental Genomics, 2009, Kyoto University

MCB Program Start:



Bachelor of Science in Developmental Genomics, 2009, Kyoto University, Japan

Master's Degree:

Kyoto University, Master of Sciences in Animal Ecology, 2012 



Research Advisor and Department:                                     

Dr. Guang Yao, MCB

Lab Rotations:

Dr. Andrew Capaldi

Dr. Nathan Ellis

Research Topic:                                                                            

My interest lies in the field of cellular quiescence, which is a reversible "sleep-like" state of a cell that is fundamental to tissue homeostasis/repair, aging, and cancer dormancy/metastasis. Interestingly, quiescent cells resume proliferation in different tendency upon growth stimulation, demonstrating the depth of quiescence (i.e., how deep a cell is in their dormancy) can be graded. My goal of my research is to figure out the molecular mechanisms that underlie such graded quiescence depth, and apply this understanding to modulate quiescent depth in the context of quiescence depth deregulation such as aging and cancer dormancy.


Spending time with my wife doing silly stuff. Hip Hop dance. Politics and philosophy.

Honors and Awards:

2015 Sammy's Award, 2nd place in oral presentation, the 30th Japan Neurosurgery English Forum
2018 MCB 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Scholarship, MCB Department, University of Arizona


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