Jared Rhodes

MCB Ambassador

Anticipated graduation date: May 2022

Instagram Account: jareddaveys

Research PI: Dr. Joyce Schroeder

Research Topic: Our lab investigates metastatic breast cancer and seeks to target receptor tyrosine kinases, especially those in the ERBB family. EGFR is typically trafficked to the lysosome for degradation, post-internalization; however, it can meet other fates such as retrograde trafficking to the nucleus, where it can activate cancer hallmark genes. Nuclear EGFR is highly correlated with therapeutic resistance and decreased survival in patients with breast cancer. I run a project evaluating drug compounds used to inhibit retrotranslocation of EGFR in triple negative breast cancer cell lines, in hopes of finding a possible anti-tumor agent.

Why are you an MCB Ambassador? Becoming an ambassador was not a difficult choice, as I love both MCB and being active on campus. The success of my peers and the entire UA student body is important to me, and I never want someone looking for help to hesitate asking me. I am hoping to inspire prospective students to join research labs. I am willing to answer any questions about lab work, school, etc. I am very excited to help a future generation of scholars discover their college and career callings.

What makes MCB great? MCB encompasses a vast array of topics and interests. Whether you are interested in cells, medicine, plant biology, genetics, cancer, bioinformatics, etc., MCB does an amazing job of providing you with diverse classes and experiences, so that you can discover your niche within biological science! I am so glad MCB offered courses in cancer biology, or else I would have never found my passion. Additionally, there are so many incredible research faculty who are willing to help you flourish as a scientist.

What are your hobbies and interests? I love plants, playing volleyball, and working out.

What outreach or service projects are you involved in? Cancer Support Community - Healthy Lifestyle Volunteer SAAF Volunteer Delta Force Leader

What honors or awards have you received? Galileo Circle Scholarship Helen E Harrison Memorial Scholarship Dean's List Academic Year Highest Academic Distinction

Books Published: Carson the Cell. Find it on amazon!

Guiding Principle: Work hard & be nice to people