Hui Yang


I recently received my PhD from the University of Massachusetts Lowell where I worked on a group of unique aquatic invertebrates called rotifers. My research spanned the fields of evolution, aquatic ecology, and developmental biology. Here at UA, I will be investigating an alga-salamander symbiosis, including the metabolic interactions between the symbiont and the host. 

My profile:

My research interests:

The metabolic products of spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) embryo and its symbiont green alga (Oophila amblystomatis).
How A. maculatum and O. amblystomatis benefit from the symbiosis respectively.
What triggers the algal bloom inside the egg capsule.
How does the alga survive inside salamander cells.

Previous work:

Described the integument ultrastructure, muscular system, and physiology of Hexarthra mira setos arms

Provided first description on rotifer birefringent body ultrastructure and investigated their systematic distribution in several Gnesiotrocha species

Revealed new structural details on the extracorporeal tube and secretory organs of rotifer Limnias melicerta

Provided first evidence of incorporated allochthonous particles and their elemental characterization in rotifer Floscularia conifera

Compared eggshell ultrastructure of sessile and free-living rotifer species and explored integument secretory activity changes in different life stages


University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA

Ph.D., M.S., Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, 2019

Dissertation: Characterization of extracorporeal tubes in Rotifera (Gnesiotrocha): origins, ultrastructure, and chemistry.

Long Island University Post, Greenville, NY

M.S., Biology, 2014

Thesis: Morphological and molecular phylogenetic investigation of Phoronopsis albomaculata (Phylum Phoronida) from remote pacific islands.

Tongji University, Shanghai, China

B.S., Biotechnology, 2010


Outstanding Graduate Student Award, UML, 2019

Steven R. Williams Award for Excellence in Graduate Research, UML, 2018

Graduate Student Association Professional Development Award, UML, 2017

Best Student Poster, American Microscopical Society, 2017

Award for Academic Excellence, Biology, LIU, 2014


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Hochberg, R., Yang, H., Hochberg, A., Walsh, E. & R. Wallace. 2018. When heads are not homologous: the coronae of larval and adult collothecid rotifera (Rotifera: Monogononta: Collothecaceae). Hydrobiologia DOI 10.1007/s10750-018-3760-3.

Yang, H. & Hochberg, R. 2018. Ultrastructural and elemental characterization of the extracorporeal tube of the sessile rotifer Floscularia conifera (Rotifera: Gnesiotrocha). Invertebrate Biology 137(4): 319-328.

Yang, H. & Hochberg, R. 2018. Ultrastructure of the extracorporeal tube and “cement glands” in the sessile rotifer Limnias melicerta (Rotifera: Gnesiotrocha). Zoomorphology 137: 1-12.

Yang, H., Hochberg, R., Walsh, E.J., & R.L. Wallace. 2018. Systematic distribution of birefringent bodies in Rotifera and first evidence of their ultrastructure in Acyclus inquietus (Gnesiotrocha: Collothecaceae). Hydrobiologia DOI: 10.007/s10750-018-3784-8.

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