Atley Moberly

MCB Ambassador

Anticipated graduation date: May 2022

Research PI: Dr. Paul Langlais

Research Topic: Upon insulin stimulation, glucose is transported into the cell, however, in insulin resistance, this cellular process is somehow interrupted. We work to discover and characterize the protein signaling mechanisms responsible for controlling insulin-stimulated glucose uptake. Previously, we have discovered that insulin affects an entire network of microtubule-associated proteins, which we hypothesize are the main coordinators of insulin-stimulated microtubule dynamics. As an Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) student, I have worked with multiple proteins of these proteins and am beginning a new avenue to delve into the difference in protein expression that allows for glucose uptake in adipocytes versus other cell types.

Why Are you an MCB Ambassador? I decided to be an MCB ambassador because I switched to this major later in my college career, but I have been able to tell how enriching this major will be to my future endeavors since the beginning. I have felt so welcome by the members of the MCB community and I am excited to spread this welcome to future students as well! This major and my peers led me to become a preceptor for MCB181 and I have met some awesome new students in the field of biology.

What makes MCB great? MCB is awesome because even though it is a larger major, it feels like a very tight-knit group of students. Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting is extremely passionate about MCB and excited for their future while also being extremely supportive and kind.

What are your hobbies and interests? I love to read, paint, and work on crafts I find online! I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family as much as possible.

What outreach or service projects are you involved in? AZ Health Zone CENS Student Worker Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, I previously served as Vice President Community Relations Vice President of Arizona Global Health Project

What honors or awards have you received? Phoenix Panhellenic Association Scholarship, Elsie Holman Neal Scholarship, Panhellenic Leadership and Involvement Scholarship, Ruth Reed Cowden Scholarship, Academic Year Highest Academic Distinction (2018-2019, 2020-2021), Academic Year Academic Distinction (2019-2020)

Guiding Principle: The best is yet to come