MCB Galileo Circle Scholarship Winners 2018

Graduate Students

Nasiha Ahmed
“As a Galileo Circle Scholarship recipient, I am honored and grateful to be part of a community that supports and recognizes not only my research endeavors, but also my career goals involving teaching and outreach with the larger community.”
Nichole Eshleman
“As a second year recipient of the Galileo Scholarship in the MCB department, I am honored that the committee has chosen to support me in my future projects. I will continue to work hard as a graduate student in both my research and outreach endeavors.”
Xuezhen Ge
“It is a great honor to be a Galileo Circle scholarship winner. What MCB teaches me is not just knowledge, but also critical thinking, which forces me to raise questions and conduct research rigorously.”
Ernesto Manzo
“I am honored and grateful to receive the Galileo Circle Scholarship. Financial support like this helps support my work as a full-time scientist.”
Kun Xiong
“For me, being an MCB graduate student means to do good research, which may not be easy. The Galileo Circle Scholarship encourages me to face the challenges in mine.”

Undergraduate Students

Kayenat Aryeh
“I am thrilled to be a Galileo Circle Scholar and am honored and deeply appreciative of the support. I love the challenge and discovery that comes with being an MCB major. Thank you to the Galileo Circle for allowing me to pursue this further.”
Matthew Chaung
“Receiving the MCB Galileo Circle Scholarship is a tremendous honor that reminds me how fortunate I am to be pursuing studies in such an exemplary department. I am very proud to be an MCB student and represent our passion for science, teaching, and undergraduate mentorship on campus.”
Makayla Freitas
“I am a Molecular & Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and Psychology student who is passionate about science and research. I am very excited and grateful to be selected as a Galileo Scholar. The financial support is incredibly valuable but equally important is the community of Galileo Circle scholars, which, through new, meaningful connections, will support my long-term goal of becoming a research scientist.”
Eli Soyfer
“I feel very honored to become part of the Galileo Circle Scholars community, and join this group of hard working and accomplished individuals. To receive this award will allow me to further take part in all the amazing aspects of being a MCB student and to give back to the university that has been a second home for me these past few years.”
Sneha Srinivasan
“MCB allows me to explore the vast impact that the smallest unit of life can have on our everyday actions and surroundings. I am incredibly grateful for the immense support of the MCB department and the Galileo Circle scholarship to continue digging deeper into these concepts that fascinate me.”
Guangzhe Lawrence Sun
“Receiving the Galileo Circle Scholarship affirms my academic achievement in science, and helps me continue to pursue an eventual career in medicine.”