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Organelle Biogenesis and Function

Organelle Biogenesis and Function

Organelle biogenesis and function

Eukaryotic cells are highly organized, with many functions isolated into separate compartments called organelles. Further, these organelles can have very complex structures and functions themselves. We study how particular organelles are created and placed within the cell. Moreover, defects in particular organelles can also lead to disease. Thus we also study ways in which cellular organization and organelle function are disrupted in an attempt to alleviate particular diseases.

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The general focus in this lab is on understanding the coordination of organelle/host cell interactions. Two different systems under study are: -nuclear control of mitochondrial mRNA expression in yeast mitochondria, and, -eyespot assembly in Chlamydomonas.-Mitochondrial tRNA processing is inhibited in yeast... Read More
The trafficking of macromolecules between different compartments is an essential process in all eukaryotic cells and is used to maintain cellular integrity, to interact with the extracellular environment, and to generally modulate various cellular activities. Numerous advances have been made in... Read More