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Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology


Molecular and Cellular Biology




My current research interests are focused on two areas: science teacher preparation and undergraduate student learning in biology.

With regard to science teacher preparation, my interest is in understanding how undergraduate science majors develop their potential as precollege science teachers. In particular, we are interested in knowing more about the relationship between science majors' beliefs, dispositions, and knowledge about science, science teaching, and student learning in science. We are currently implementing assessments at difference points in the science teacher preparation program to identify the nature of these teacher characteristics and then to build a more robust teacher preparation program model that is responsive to these findings.

My interest in undergraduate student learning in biology is focused on understanding how students can successfully create and manage their own opportunities for meaningful learning in collegiate science courses. In particular, I am interested in identifying and describing the student characteristics and the class conditions that support students' efforts to practice meaningful, as opposed to rote, learning strategies.