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Archived News

Archived News

  • UBRP awarded continuous ASPET SURF grant

    February 26, 2014
    The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics awarded the University of Arizona a three year ASPET Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) grant in the spring of 2014.  ASPET SURF grants support five undergraduate students working with ASPET members as a means of introducing students to research in pharmacology and toxicology.  UBRP has had continuous funding from ASPET for a SURF program since 1991 when the ASPET SURF funding was first offered.  To date 96 undergraduate students have received support through ASPET SURF.  Carol Bender is the Program Director and D...Read More
  • In Memoriam: Dr. Wayne R. ("Sam") Ferris, 1921-2014

    February 3, 2014
    The life of Wayne R. Ferris quietly slipped away on February 3, 2014. His death was preceded by that of his wife, Edel, in 2003. His is survived by his son, Paul, of Winslow, AZ. Professor Ferris was born in the small coal mining community of Lockman, Iowa, on March 21, 1921. He attended school in Albia, Iowa. He had only one college degree, the PhD, awarded to him by the University of Chicago in 1959.  While in school there he acquired the nickname, Sam, which was used by many of his friends and colleagues for the rest of his life. During World War II, Professor Ferris became a Marine flyer a...Read More
  • MCB's 2014 Outstanding Senior: Julie Huynh

    January 15, 2014
    At first glance, Julie Huynh seems like an ordinary college student.  I usually spot her in a casual T-shirt and shorts as she hops out of her lab to check on the lunch that's spinning in the microwave next to my office. She always stops by to say hello, to check on the latest picture of my 3-year-old, and to chat before heading back to her work. But Julie certainly isn't your typical college student. In fact, I think she might be the hardest working person I've met. Majoring in both Molecular & Cellular Biology and Creative Writing, Julie also works as a science reporter for the Arizona D...Read More
  • Eva Nichols Wins May 2014 MCB Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

    January 15, 2014
    How does one describe Eva Nichols? Objectively, we can say that she is a Molecular and Cellular Biology senior pursuing minors in Biochemistry and Microbiology who's conducted significant research in the lab. I would describe her as having a warm smile, a curious spirit, and a love for people (especially in her role as Pen Pals Coordinator for the Undergraduate Biology Research Program). Carol Bender, Director of UBRP states that Eva is "accomplished, personable, and very VERY responsible!" Hence, it comes as no surprise that this remarkable young lady was honored with MCB's Excellence in Unde...Read More
  • Prof. Guang Yao's research highlighted in Arizona Daily Star

    Guan Yao
    December 17, 2013
    Assistant Professor Guang Yao's research on reading the `minds' of cells has been highlighted in the Arizona Daily Star. When faced with environmental changes, cells must decide whether to stay dormant, grow, or even commit suicide. Many diseases can be caused by cells making the wrong decision, and Prof. Yao hopes learning more about how cells make these decisions will help treat disease. Read the story here, and learn more about Prof. Yao's research at his webpage.Read More