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MCB 101 and 102 for HS students

MCB 101 and 102 for HS students


High School Students Today are the Scientists of Tomorrow                               

Thank you to the Marshall Foundation for the generous donation to support 60 scholarships in Tucson area schools. Read more at UANews.  If you would like to apply, see below for details.


MCB 101 and MCB 102 in High School

What are MCB 101 and MCB 102?

MCB 101 and 102 are designed to introduce high school students into the University of Arizona, College of Science. MCB 101 will emphasize biotechnology including careers in biotechnology, history and applications of recombinant DNA technology and the human genome project, and laboratory safety practices. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques used in biotechnology and molecular biology using the equipment necessary in a research or industrial setting. MCB 102 allows students to perfect biotechnology techniques, learn to read research papers, and be exposed to cutting edge research at the University of Arizona. It includes advanced biotechnological techniques, fundamentals of cell biology and genetics, applications of biotechnology, bioethics, and careers in biotechnology. This course offers a unique opportunity to motivated high school students who possess a strong interest in pursuing advanced education in bioscience and biomedical science. Through laboratory activities and field-based research, students will conduct independent research in an active laboratory, and learn to communicate. The novel scientific research will be presented at the Southern Arizona Region Science Fair (SARSEF).

Techniques learned in MCB 101/MCB 102