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Career Opportunities/Life After College

Career Opportunities/Life After College

Since MCB majors go on to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields, students should spend time during their undergraduate years developing their career interests. The links below are designed to help students explore their future paths, as well as assist students in seeking necessary employment during college.

Career Exploration and Assessments:

What Can I Do With This Major?

Career Coaching by UA Career Services

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

Wildcat JobLink


Career Assessments:

Career Beam

Kuder Journey

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center



General Information


Health Careers:

Pre-Health Advisors

Exploring Health Careers


Applying to Graduate School:

Applying to Graduate School by UA Career Services

Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools


Resumes and More:

Resume and Cover Letter Guide

Curriculum Vitae

UA Interview Prep

Interview Guidelines


These resources are provided by UA Career Services and Pre-Health Advising Center.

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